It is what's inside that counts.

The Technology.


First time in India -
premium foam mattress with
superior knitted and quilted
fabric cover, removable
for easy spot cleaning.

Plush Fabric

Premium high GSM knitted
stretch fabric quilted with
super soft foam gives a
luxurious plush feel.

Fabric Cover

The mattress is encased in a zippered
velour fabric cover for easy spot cleaning. The bottom of the fabric cover
is made of anti-slip fabric which helps
the mattress stay in its position.

Mattress Core

High density foam mattress core
is produced using filler-free virgin
Polyol, conforming to international
manufacturing standards.

Edge Protector

A fabric tape affixed on the
side walls of the mattress
core protects the edges
during handling.

High Density Hybrid
Foam Mattress Core

By using superior technology, flocks
of foam are made into a high-density
hybrid foam core. This hybrid core
prevents sagging and provides
adequate body support and comfort.

Superior Airflow

The use of SAN Polyol promotes
open cell structure in the foam
mattress core maximising
air flow.

Memory Foam

Viscoelastic Memory Foam
gently conforms to the contours
of the body offering cradle like
comfort and blissful sleep.

High Resilient

High resilient 40D foam mattress
core prevents sagging and
provides optimum body support
and comfort.

Slow Resilience

Slow resilience nature of the
memory foam reduces pressure
points during sleep thereby
enabling smooth blood
circulation to the muscles and
skin. This minimises tossing
and turning, resulting in
restful sleep.


The hourglass shaped bonnel
innerspring provides a firm
sleeping surface.

High Coil Count

High coil count spring grid
ensures adequate support
for the entire body.

Foam Comfort

Multiple layers of high quality
polyurethane foam deliver superior

Foam Encased

High density foam encasement
provides excellent edge to
edge comfort.

Double Sided

Symmetrical construction
offers a perfectly reversible
mattress with dual
sleep surface.